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The caregivers depression, to some people sounds strange, but it is more common than you know. You may even be one of these people that is a caregiver. We need more caregivers. But, before things start to slip, we need to talk a about a few things.

You love the person you care for, with all your heart. You want what's best for them, and would do anything to make them happy and comfortable. It is what we do for people, and it's not wrong that we do it. I am a caregiver too, and have been for at least nine years. So I understand the ups and downs. 1st we as "super heroes". We can do it all. We work full time jobs, take them to all of his or her appointments, we can bathe them, cook all the meals, take care of ourselves, take care of the kids, and keep the house clean. We can run a tight ship, until the total give out at the end of the night. Even then you can't sleep because tomorrow is racing in your head. So you take something to go to sleep, because you know you will have to, to get through tomorrow. You wake in the morning, the sun looks bright, but your boss calls and needs you in now. You go in for a few hours, and your spouse's doctor calls. You have to get them to their doctor as soon as you can. You don't know if you have their lunch and begin to worry but you hold it together. By this time, you've given out so you stop for maybe a drink, maybe coffee, something to give you energy. You make it home, make sure they get their bath and the kids get their homework done and get their bath too. after months of this, you can't keep up the pace, so you start to let things go that you love. You let of things like your job and your friends. You start cutting corners. Then depression sets in. And what i want to tell you is that there is help.

There are resources that can help you in many different areas so you do not have to give up or give you up. We can help you with these programs and tools. You can still do for the person you care for, spend time with your kids, spend time with your friends and work at a job you love. You can truly be happy and not fall into depression. Please, if any of this is just too familiar, or you are feeling some of this, just reach out and talk. Let's start building your life. There is sunshine in every storm, we just have to look for it to find it. love you all ...... Rita

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