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The Storm

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

We all have storms in our one's storm is greater than another's...because everyone in the middle of their storm feels fear, turmoil, uncertainty and can give out. In the mist, and the moment of their storm they sometimes feels as if they are alone.

Someone's storm maybe be a loved one with a serious medical issue, or someone just received that awful medical report. One may have anxiety, drug addiction, depression, or are feeling unwanted and alone. Someone may have lost their job, have had marital problems, and so many others things in this world that is not how we planned life to be.

When you are right in the middle of the storm, life gets confusing...(very confusing). Even the strongest of the strong, get weak. It does not mean we are bad means we are human. We turn to people and things we should not, because our mind plays tricks on us when we are in the storm. It tells us we need things that are not good for us to calm the storm. We search for anything to calm the storm. All of our vision should be of a place for people to turn to for faith, grace, growth and purpose....

Everyone has a purpose on this earth. The smallest bit of kindness for others can make a huge impact on someone in the mist of their Storm......Rita

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